Known for its fresh air, sandy beaches and clear sea water, Safaga is the perfect getaway for relaxing and recovering from rheumatoid arthritis and various skin disease where patients have found a cure in the natural treatments of Safaga.
The treatment, which generated remarkably good results in many cases, consists of placing a sand cover over the patient, followed by swimming and exposure to sunshine according to treatment program. There are some natural factors in Safaga that offer the best treatment options for psoriasis:
The highest mountains surrounding Safaga serve as a natural shield against wind and sand storms and redirect the extreme ultraviolet radiation onto the bay. This high concentration of the ultraviolet rays is an integral part in the treatment of psoriasis.
Additionally, it is a secluded bay where the beaches are not rushed by waves. This naturally calm water surface enables the ultraviolet rays to be better reflected for the benefits of the treatment.
Because of the high coral stock the high salinity of sea water aids the as the density of water increases thus reducing the gravity of the body that floats on water surface, which improves the blood circulation and blood flow to the skin surface which aids in faster cure. The balance in the salt concentration inside and outside the human body affects the therapy positively.
Research showed that the black sand of this particular area consists of the three elements. In moderate concentration the sand in the area contains: uranium, thorium and potassium in addition other salt and minerals. The gold salt is very good for the treatment of rheumatism. In addition black sand is useful if you want to heal acute and chronic arthritis, edema and skin inflammation.
The year round sunshine of Safaga is one of the main reasons for which patients flock into this haven for treatment during fall and winter months.