Ras Sedr


Ras Sedr is  located on the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea coast. It is a part of the Sounth Sinai Governorate, and consists of three areas: Wadi Sedr, Abu Sedr and Soerp. The region has been known since ancient biblical times.

Ras Sedr has a 95 km beach coastline which offers waters for swimming and sea sports. The area also attracts bird watchers as tourists can see different species of migrating birds. Shallow water beaches and constantly blowing wind, makes Ras. Sedr one of the best Kite Boatding sites in the world. La Hacienda beach resort is suitable for beginners as the wind carries the kite boarders to the beach not away from it.

Mineral and hot water springs spread all around the coastal and mountain areas .Foremost among them are the Moses sulfur springs, whose water temperature ranges between 35 and 40 degrees and the Pharaoh's Bath, whose sulfur water temperature reaches up to 75 degrees.